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Independence  means  Independence


In Scotland we have an Independence party with no manifesto or vision for an Independent Scotland

We on the other hand have a manifesto and a vision but as yet no party. But that can change

1. The first thing we would do with sufficient funds would be to draw up a written constitution for a modern democratic republic, which would prevent any future government from selling their country It would also contain details of how a bicameral parliament would work and how local government would be structured

2. The capital of this new republic would be Glasgow. The government would be based in George Square which we would rename John Maclean Square. It would be closed off and pedestrianised on three sides which would accommodate both houses of Parliament and the presidential offices. We are not proposing to move the capital from Edinburgh to Glasgow but from London to Glasgow

3. To tackle the housing crisis we would adopt a policy similar to that of the Danes To own property one would need to be a Scottish citizen and secndly one would have to live in it. It will be necessary to set up a tribunal to decide who should get Scottish citizenship Many obvious enemies of the people would be refused viz Brown, Darling and anyone in BBC Scotland This would result in lots of houses coming on the market There would also be a time limit on those with second homes  here to sell up

 4. Scotland would have it's own currency - the Scottish Poond, divided into 100 Bawbees. A Scottish Central Bank would be set up in Edinburgh where thanks to Gordon Brown's criminal mismanagement there are magnificent buildings that once housed thriving banks lying empty As the financial capital Edinburgh would once again prosper as a financial centre. The Poond would be expected to fall against strong currencies to begin with but with a favourable exchange rate exports would soar and a balance would be restored

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